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Discover e-Clean, the revolutionary solution for safe and effective ear hygiene!

Cotton buds, once considered harmless, are now revealing their dangerous side. With e-Clean, we've designed an intelligent, safe and modern alternative to offer you a risk-free ear hygiene experience.

The cotton swab fallacy:

It's time to demystify the use of cotton buds. Despite clear warnings from ENT specialists, the figures don't lie. Accidents due to the use of cotton buds are on the rise, resulting in serious injuries ranging from pain to perforated eardrums, not to mention the risk of tinnitus, dizziness and infection. It's time to make the switch to a safer option.

e-Clean's revolutionary features: 

  1. - HD viewing and LED lighting: Our high-definition camera combined with bright LEDs gives you a clear view of the inside of your ear, ensuring precise and effective cleaning.
  2. Ergonomic design: With a 3.9 mm food-grade silicone tip, e-Clean offers gentle cleaning without the risk of injury.
  3. - Wireless connection and universal compatibility: Easily connect e-Clean to your smartphone via Wi-Fi for a real-time visual experience, accessible to all thanks to our app compatible with Android and iOS.
  4. - Safety first: With e-Clean, say goodbye to the risks of eardrum perforation and hearing loss. Our gentle, safe method gives you total control over your hearing health.

Why choose e-Clean :

✔️ Safety first: Avoid unnecessary risks and protect your hearing with our safe and effective solution.
✔️ Comfort and control: Enjoy precise, controlled ear cleaning thanks to our ergonomic design and advanced features.
✔️ Universal compatibility: Easily connect e-Clean to your smartphone for a real-time visual experience.
✔️ Expert advice: Follow specialists' recommendations and opt for a modern, safe method of ear hygiene.

Don't compromise your hearing health. Trust e-Clean for safe and effective ear cleaning. Order today and give your ears the care they deserve.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Aletha Legros

Très joli. Juste ce qui était nécessaire

Torey Wiza

Le produit est venu assez rapidement
Le produit semble de bonne qualité fonctionne
La caméra est assez qualitativement

Maurine Powlowski

J'ai déjà reçu merci je n'ai pas encore testé l'appareil

Delmer O'Keefe

J'ai déjà eu le matériel mais j'ai payé de l'argent supplémentaire, environ 3 dollars à la société de service postal d'Arabie Saoudite et le matériel n'est pas venu chez moi, au lieu de cela j'ai passé 2 heures pour obtenir cet ensemble.

Yasmin Olson

Beaucoup recommandé, facilement à jumeler et fonctionne comme annoncé👍🏻