New e-Clean !

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Cotton buds are strongly discouraged by the American Academy of Otolaryngology. E-Clean, the safe and effective way to say goodbye to the risks of cotton buds.

Flagship product: E-Clean

Discover its key features

Compatible with iOS and Android

Compatible with iOS and Adroid, our ear cleaner seamlessly integrates with a variety of devices, providing an auditory well-being experience for all users.


Silicone tip

With a 3.9mm silicone tip designed for the ear cleaner, enjoy a comfortable ambient temperature for gentle insertion without any cold sensation or discomfort. This food-grade silicone tip provides an ear cleaning experience, combining comfort and practicality.


Integrated CMOS Camera

Now you can explore the inside of your ear in detail, ensuring precis and effective cleaning. Featuring a shrap 5.0 MP image resolution, providing total peace of mind with exceptional clarity, ensuring gentle cleaning and optimal ear hygiene.


Integrated LED

Featuring LED lamp, this technology seamlessly combines efficiency and elegance, providing gentle light to facilitate the exploration of the ear canal. Unlike cotton swabs, where darkness prevails, this intelligent feature ensures optimal visibility, making the cleaning process precis and effortless. Eliminating the risks associated with the use of non-illluminated and dangerous cotton swabs.